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It's all or nothing!

Connive, steal and cheat your way to victory in this winner-takes-all card game for the whole family.

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Fast, fun and easy to learn.

Build the pie

Players take turns building the pie. The pie cards are 1/8, 2/8 and 4/8. The player to complete the pie without going over wins the pie. But, watch out! The winner is the player with no pies or ALL of the pies.

Meet Pablo the Pie Eating Pug

This is where the fun begins. Use Pablo to take any card from the current pie and keep it for yourself or give it to any other player. Pablo may look cute and innocent but beware.

Beware the Pie Thief

The Pie Thief may look familiar. This is the card that can change everything at the last minute. No one is safe when the Pie Thief is on the loose. There is no honor among Pie Thieves.

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